Mountain Light Studio

Commission Portraiture

NEW Sepia Tone Portraits

My sepia portraits are oil “sketches” done on canvas with a single color of oil paint – Burnt Umber. They are smaller in size and take less time, and are therefore less expensive than full color portraits. A good photograph is required.

The Creation of a Full Color Portrait

The creation of a successful portrait is a collaborative process between my client and me. When I accept a commission, my goal is to create a stunning portrait for you, which is much more than just a good likeness. It is a revelation of the true spirit of the person. To create a painting that will make us both happy it is necessary to discover “the idea” that is exciting and inspirational for me. My artistry is about "how I see" and for this reason I like to take my own photographs.

We will meet initially to get acquainted with each other. I may take some preliminary photos at this time as we plan where and how the subject will be photographed in the next stage. I like to use this time to watch for the "unguarded moment" that reveals something of the essence of my subject that will augment the details provided by the camera.

The commission is a commitment to trust my creative direction in staging the subject for the next extensive photo shoot, where I will use my "ability to see" - to capture the images I need to compose the portrait. When the final photos are chosen I will show you a preliminary composition for your approval. When possible, it is helpful to do a color study, in my studio, which may require a sitting of 2-4 hours.

  • All photos are kept in the strictest of confidence.
  • I will make a custom frame for your painting, which is included in the cost of the commission. I will discuss with you what type of frame may be best. However there is no discount if you choose to have the painting framed elsewhere.
  • I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to begin your portrait. The balance is due on completion of the painting.
  • I charge travel expenses to locations greater than 100 miles from my studio.
  • I will make a custom fitted crate and ship the painting to you at your expense, if requested. No sales tax will be charged if shipped outside Wyoming. If the portrait is returned for adjustments all shipping expenses are your responsibility.
  • There is no fee for the photo shoot. However, if the commission is terminated before the painting is begun and you request the photos, there will be a $250 fee and the photos will be delivered on a CD.
Chris Koch
"Chris Koch"

Emilia 2
"Emilia 2"

Thame Lama
"Thame Lama"


"Old Hand"

Holy Man
"Holy Man"

Emilia 1
"Emilia 1"

French Trapper
"French Trapper"

Red Tail
"Red Tail"

Shinin Times
"Shinin Times"

Charles Cobb, Former US Ambassador to Iceland
"Charles Cobb, Former US Ambassador to Iceland "

Mountain Spirit
"Mountain Spirit"

G. Reno and Stormy
"G. Reno and Stormy"

G. Reno and Whitey
"G. Reno and Whitey"

Charlie Golden Sr.
"Charlie Golden Sr."

Charlie Golden Jr
"Charlie Golden Jr"


Bud Le Clair
"Bud Le Clair"

At the Well
"At the Well"

Woman in Meditation
"Woman in Meditation"

Young Nepali Girl
"Young Nepali Girl"

Tibetan Monk
"Tibetan Monk"

Old Monk
"Old Monk"

Tibetan Father and Son
"Tibetan Father and Son"

Nepali Babu
"Nepali Babu"

Shoshone Chief
"Shoshone Chief"

Shoshone Woman
"Shoshone Woman"

Blackfoot Warrior
"Blackfoot Warrior"

War Paint
"War Paint"